Key F
Original Key

What is it aboutA them?

I must be missingE something

They just keep doingBm nothing

Too intoxicateDd to be scared

Better off withoutA them

They're nothing but unstabEle

Bring ashtrayBms to the table

And that's about the onlDy thing they share

* I'm in F#mtheir second handFaug smoke

StillE just drinking cannB/Ebed coke

I dBmon't need a xanny to feel better

On desigF#mnated driveFaugs home

OnlEy one who's notB/Eb stoned

Don'tBm give me a xanny now or ever (E)

Waking up at sunAdown

They're late to every Eparty

Nobody's everBm sorry

Too inebriaDted now to dance

Morning as they comeA down (Come down)

Their pretty heads areE hurting (Hurting)

They're awfully badBm at learning (Learning)

Make the same mistakDmes, blame circumstance

( REPEAT * )

PleasBme don't try to kiss me on the sideEwalk

On your cigarette breakF#m           E       B

I can'tBm afford to love someone       E

Who isn't dying by F#mmistake in SilEver LakeB       Bm       E

What is it about them?       A

I must be missing something       E

They just keep doing nothing       Bm

Too intoxicated to be scared       D

HmmA, hmm  HmmE, mmm

HmmmBm, mmm, mmmDm          E

ComeA down, hurtiEng LeaDrning  Dm