Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Am|BmE ( 2 Times )

AmTold you I'm moviBmng on

to bigEger and better thingAms

Guess you never knowBm

What goodE you got until it's goneAm

Thought I could findBm sombody new E

who could take yourAm place

The list goes on, Bmand on, and onE

* There was NikkDmi, NicoGle

Tiffany, C and HeatFher

But there's onlBm7b5y room

for youE in my worldA

But you sayDm that I chanGged

like the EastCcoast weatFher

How the hellBb did I get caught up

MessEin' with these LA girls?

** I mAmiss my baby

I mBmissin' my baby (ELA girls)

I mAmiss my baby

MesBmsin' with these LA gEirls

AmI miss the daysBm we take

the gradEe down to NYCAm (NYC)

Wish I could have seen

that it was perfect how it wasAm

Listen, I don't want thisBm to be

the wayE you remember meAm

Cause I know I was wronBmg, wrongE

( REPEAT * , ** , ** )

1, 2, 3 Talk to me like Ooh..

Quite messin' with me, baby

( REPEAT * , ** , ** , ** , ** )