The Weeknd - Call Out My Name CHORDS

The Weeknd - Call Out My Name CHORDS

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Call Out My Name

Original Key

INTRO : Am|Am|Em|Em

We found each othAmer

I helped you out Emof a broken place

You gave me comAmfort

But falling for youEm was my mistake

* I put you on topAm, I put you on top

I claimed you so proudEm and openly

And when times were roughAm

when times were rough

I made sure I heldEm you close to me

** So call out my nameAm (call out my name)

Call out my nameEm when I kiss you so gently

I want you to stayAm (want you to stay)

I want you to stayEm

even though you don't want me

Girl, why can't you waitAm?

(Why can't you wait, baby?)

Girl, why can't you wait Em'til I fall out of love?

Won't you call out my nameAm? (Call out my name)

Girl, call out my nameEm

and I'll be on my way and I'll be on my—

I sAmaid I didn't feel nothing, baby but I liedEm

I almost cut a piece of myself for your lifeAm

Guess I was just another pit stop

'Til you madeEm up your mind

You just wasted my time

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : Am|Am|G|G ( 4 Times )

On my way, all the way

On my way, all the way, ooh

On my way, on my way, on my way

On my way, on my way, on my way

Chord Chart (Call Out My Name)