Key F
Original Key

SanG#mdy Hook, Stoneman Douglas

another lone wolf gunman

SomEetimes I don't know what

this world has come to, it's blowin' up

This wholeB country is goin' nuts

and the NRA is in our way

They're responF#sible for this whole production

they hold the strings to control the puppets

AndG#m they threaten

to take away donor bucks

So they knowE the government

won't do nothin' and

no one's budgin', gun owners' clutchin'

Their loadeBd weapons,

they love their guns more than our children

ShhF#, I think another one just entered

in our buildin', and we'll be

* AsheG#ms blowin' in the air

OurE world's on fire

But we don't careB, yeah       F#

Wasted youthG#m, always on the road

Never lookin' backE and we're never gettin' old

'Cause the skies are blackB

But our heart's made of gold

Fuck doin' whatF# you're told

We're goin' nowhere fast

I feel sorrG#my for this beat

sympathy pains for this track

This roadE is takin' me back

Down memory lane with this rap

I can still Blook out in this crowd

be wowed and be taken aback

I'm simF#ply stating a fact

I had Wembley Stadium packed

But G#mnow we're on a path

headed to nowhere and fast

Another terrEorist attacks

Like a tariff blows half of Madison

SquareB up, alas

We perish in the blast

But that isn't scariF#ng us, we pass

Nowhere we're fearless, 'cause we're just

( REPEAT * )

Fuck doiG#mn' what you're told

act like a two-year-old

Shit is soon to go kaboEom and blow

anyways; for MC's it's a funeral

When I'm deviBsin' this rhyme

'cause I'm awake and you're mourning

That's why I rise Eand I shine

like a new day has dawned on me

GusG#mto, guts, bravado

nuts and plus I kick up dust

And cusEs a lot, I musta got

you in somewhat of a debacle

'CausBe some stuff that's awful,

really don't mean nothin' although

ThereF#'s a lot of shit I said in

jest that's tough to swallow

ButG#m if at times my heart it seems

LikeE it's in the wrong place

it's probably 'cause it's on my sleeve

KeaBnu Reeves speed of life, avoid or veer

Or justF# steer toward it

we're only lookin' forward, but where we're goin'

We have no G#midea

nowhere to go, but hysterical

It's gettin' warmE in here

I set the world on fire

was born to be an arsoBnist

Just one spark and it's lit

but I'ma still get dark on this shit

ToldE you I'd leave my mark

on this bitch—war machine

But you forcedG#m me in a corner

I'm sure to have somethin' for your rear

AndE in the course of the assault as

torture gets more severe

Go to warB with me, you'll end up blew

to Timbuktu, I send at you

A tenF#-ton nuke like Kim Jong-Un

and end up ruinin' your career

ButG#m when all is said and done

AndE at the end of my run

I'll just rewind clocks, forever young

Make timeB stop, will I ever fall off?

That day will never come

'Til the pineF# box, bitch, fuck you!

I'm better than I ever was

'Til the bombG#m drops, hope it never does

but I'm not gonna sweat it 'cause

This worldE's screwed, it's already fucked

and I'm on top, so everyone's just—

( REPEAT * )

** 'Cause we're goinG#m' no, goin' no, goin' no

Goin'E no, goin' no, goin' no

GoiBn' no, goin' no, goin' no

Goin' nowhere F#, goin' (nowhere fast)

You Ecan't tell us nothin'   G#m

Hard-headedF# and we're stubborn

So, Eone ear and out the otherG#m

when we're youngF#, we're young

WhoE knows what

the futG#mure for us could holdF#

Another shooter? Uh oh E

No more tomorG#mrows, we're doneF#

And all we are is—

( REPEAT * , ** )