Key F
Original Key


ShinGe on.  Diamond Am

Don’t make me waitF another day

CausGe passion is passionAm,

You know it justF as well as me

* Now letG's stop running from love

Running from love   Am

Let’Fs stop, my baby

Let’Gs stop running from us

Running from us       Am

Let’Fs stop, my baby

** Oh my my my!G

I die every nighAmt with youF

Oh my my my!G

Living for your everAmy moveF

SparGk up, Buzz cut Am

I got my tongFue between your teeth

Go Gslow. No, no go fastAm

You like it justF as much as me

( REPEAT * , ** , ** )


Oh my my my!

ShouEmld be the last night ever

Should be the lastAm night we’re apartF

Got my name on this treasure

On this treasure

( REPEAT ** , ** )

Oh my my my!