Key F
Original Key


YouEm call me Dall friendly G

Tellin' me howC much you miss me

That'Ems funny, D

I guess you've hearBmd my songsC

Well, I'm Emtoo busy fDor your businessG

Go find a girl Cwho wants to listen

'CausEme if you think I was bornD

yesterday, you have gotBm me wrongC

* So I cut you offEm

I don't needD your love

'CausGe I already cried Cenough

I've been doneEm

I've been movDin' on

sinceBm we said goodbyeC

I cut you offEm, I don'Dt need your love

SoG you can try Call you want

YouEmr time Dis up, I'll telBml you why C

** You sayEm you're sorrDy

But it's tooG late nowC

So saveEm it, get goneD, shut upBm       C

'Cause if Emyou think DI care aboutG you nowC

Well, boyEm, I don't giveD a fuckBm       C

I rEmememberD that weekendG

When my best friendC caught you creepin'

YouEm blamed it Dall on the alcoBmhol  C

So I mEmade my Ddecision

'CauGse you made yourC bed, sleep in it

PlayEm the victim and Dswitch your position

I'm throuBmgh, I'm doneC

( REPEAT * , ** )

*** I see you tryna' getEm to me       D

I see you beggin' on Gyour kneesC

BoyEm, I don't giveD a fuckBm       C

So stop tryna' getEm to me       D

Tch, get up off Gyour kneesC

'Cause, boyEm, I don't giveD a fuckBm       C

About youEm       D

No, I don't giveG a damn       C

YouEm keep reminisDcin'

on when youBm were my manC

But I'm over youEm       D

Now you're all Gin the pastC

YouEm talk all thatD sweet talk

but I ain'Bmt comin' backC

Cut you offEm, I don't needD your love

So Gyou can tryC all you want

YoEmur time Dis up, I'll tell you why

(I'll tell you why)

( REPEAT ** , *** )