Key F
Original Key


BlanGk staresD, faithlessEm

Vampires at Cthe same placesG

ShadowDs, tracesEm

I know that you feelC me, You're

* RunnGin’, runnin', runninD', runnin’

MakinEmg the rounds with all Cyour fake friends

RunnGin', runnin' away Dfrom it

YouEm can strip down withCout showing skin, yeah

** I cCan see you're scared of your emotionEms

I can see you're hopiDng you're not hopelessC

So why can't you show me?  Em

Why can't you showD me?

I cCan see you’re looking for distractionEms

I can see you’re tiredD of the acting

So Cwhy can't you show me?  Em       D

*** Who are you in the darkG? ( I,  D  I )  Em

ShowC me the scary partGs ( I,  D  I )  Em

WhoC are you when it’s

3 AGM and you're all Dalone

AndEm L.A. doesn't feelC like home?

( I,  G  I,  D  I )  Em

WhoC are you in the dark?


PlusG one, Dguest list Em

But you don't even knowC what her name is

SecGrets, Dendless Em

I know that you feelC me

( REPAT * , ** , *** )

DarlGing, comeD on and let me in

DarliEmng, all oCf the strangers are gonGe,       D

they're goneEm       C

I said, darliGng, comeD on and let me see

DarliEmng, I pCromise that I won't runG       D

So Emtell me       C

( REPEAT *** )

INSTRU : GD|EmC ( 4 Times )

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm

Who are you in the dark?