Key F
Original Key


In Emyour eyes, I'm alive

InsGide you're beautiful

Something so unusual

In Bmyour eyes, I know I'm homeA

EverEmy tear, every fear

GonGe with the thought of you

Changing what I thought I knew

I'll Bmbe yours for a thousand livesA

* I'm freeEm as a bird

When I'm flying in your cage

I'm diviGng in deep

And I'm riding with no brakes

And I'm bleeBmding in love

You're swimming in my veins

You got me nowA

** Been waiting for a lifeEmtime for you

Been breaking for a lifeGtime for you

Wasn't lookin' for loveBm 'til I found you

(oh na-na, ayy) For loveA, 'til I found you (oh)

SkinEm to skin, Breathe me in

FeeGling your kiss on me

Lips are made of ecstasy

I'll Bmbe yours for a thousand nightsA

(a thousand lights)

( REPEAT * , ** , ** )


( REPEAT * , ** , ** )