Key F
Original Key


I got a conEmdo in Manhattan

Baby girl, what's happening?

YouA and your ass invited

So gon' and get to clappin'

So popF#m it for a pimp

Pop it for me

Turn around and dropBm it for a pimp

Drop, drop it for me

I'll rent a beachEm house in Miami

Wake up with no jammies

LobsAter tail for dinner

Julio serve that scampi

You gotF#m it if you want it

Got, got it if you want it

Said you gotBm it if you want it

Take my wallet if you want it now

* JumpEm in the CadillacF#m

Girl, let's put some miles on it

AnyAmthing you wantD

Just to put a smile on you

YouEm deserve it baby

YouF#m deserve it all

And I'mBm gonna giveA it to youF#

** Gold jewelry shinEming so bright

Strawberry chamApagne on ice

Lucky for you, that's what I likeF#m,

that's what I like

Lucky for you, that's what I likeBm,

that's what I like

Sex by the fireEm at night

Silk sheets and diamondAs all white

Lucky for you, that's what I like,F#m

that's what I like

Lucky for you, that's what I like,Bm

that's whatA I likeG       F#m

I'm talkin' tripsEm to Puerto Rico

Say the word and we go

YouA can be my freaka

Girl, I'll be a fleeko, mamacita

I wF#mill never make a promise that I can't keep

I pBmromise that you'll smile and gon' never leave

ShopEmping sprees in Paris

Everything 24 karat

TakeA a look in that mirror

Now tell me who's the fairest

Is it you?F#m Is it you? Is it me? Is it me?

Say it's us, Bmsay it's us, and I'll agree, baby

( REPEAT * , ** )

If you say you want a goodG timeEm

Well hereF#m I am baby,Bm here I am baby

TalkG to me, talk to meEm, talk to me

Tell me what's onF#m your mindAm          D

If Gyou want it, girlF# come and get it

All this is hereBm for you

TellEm me baby, tell me, tell me baby

WhatBm you trynAa do  F#

( REPEAT ** )