Key F
Original Key

* I've been a liarEm, been a thief

BeenG a loveCr, been a cheat

All myD sins Emneed holy water

feelG it washCing over me

Well, littDle one

I dEmon't want to admit to somGething C

If all it's gonna cause is painD

TrEmuth and my lies righGt now

are fallCing like the rain

So let the river run

He'Ems comin' home with his neck scratched

to catcGh flack   C

Sweat jackets and dress slacks, misDmatched

On Emhis breath's Jack, he's a sex addict

And sheG just wants to exaCct revenge and get back

It'Ds a chessEm match,

she's on his back like a jetG-pack

She's keptC track of all his Internet chats

And gueDss who just

hapEmpens to be movin' on to the next

ActuGally, just shitC on my last chick

and she has what my ex lackDs

'CausEme she loves danger, psycGhopath

AndC you don't fuck with no man's girl

even I kDnow that

ButEm she's devised some plan

to stab him in Gthe back

KnifeC in hand, says their relationship's

hangin' by Da strand

SoEm she's been on the web lately

SaysG maybeC she'll be my Gwen Stacy

To spiteD her man

AndEm I know she's using me

To tryG to play him, I dCon't care

Hi Suzanne, but I shoulda said "Bye Suzanne"

After the first night, but tonight I am

( REPEAT * )

OneEm-night stand

Turned to a two-night stand

It was "comeG sunliCght, scram,

"now we hug tight, and...

He Dfound outEm

now she feels deserted and used

'CausGe he leftC

so what? He did it first to her tooD

Now howEm am I supposed to tell

this girl that we're through? G

It's hardC to find the words,

I'm aloof, nervous, and SueD

Don't want this to hurtEm

but what you deserve is the truth

Don't takeG it personalC,

I just can't say this in person to youD

So EmI revert to the studio

like hole-in-Gthe-wall dinCers

Don't have to be reserved in a boothD

I jEmust feel like the person

who I'm turning into's

IrreGversibleC, I preyed on you

like it's church at the pew

AndD now that I gotEm you I don't want you

Took advantage in my thirGst to pursueC

Why do I do this dirt that I do?

GetD on my soapEmbox and preach

my sermon and speech

DetGergent and bleacCh is burnin' the wound

'Cause now with her in the womb

We can't bring her in this world, shoulda knew

To use protection 'fore I bit into your forbidden fruit


( REPEAT * )

My Emname's (ooh), my Gname's (ooh)

RiveCr (ooh), river run

Call Emme (ooh), call Gme (ooh)

RivCer (ooh), we'll let the river run

AlwaCys the bridesmaid, never “The bride, hey!”

FuckD can I say? If life was a highway

AndBm deceit was an enclave

I'd be swerving in five lanes

SpeeEmds at a high rateD, like I'm slidin' on ice,

MayCbe, That's why

I may have came at you sidewayDs

I can't keep my lies straight

But I madeBm you terminate my baby

This love triangle left us in a wreck, tanglEmed

What else can I sayC? It was fun for a while

Bet I really woulda loved your smile

Didn't really wanna abort, but fuck it

What's one more lie, to tell our unborn child?

( REPEAT * )