Key F
Original Key

* Cross my heartAm, hope to die

To my loveGr, I'd never lie

He said "be trueDm," I swear I'll try

In the end, it's him and I

He's out his headAm, I'm out my mind

We got that loveG, the crazy kind

I am hisDm, and he is mine

In the end, it's him and I, him and I

My '65 Amspeeding up the PCH, a hell of a ride

TheyG don't wanna see us make it

They just wanna divide

2017Dm Bonnie and Clyde

Wouldn't see the point of living on

If one of us died, yeah

GotAm that kind of style everybody try to rip off

YSLG dress under when she takes the mink off

SilkDm on her body, pull it down and watch it slip off

Ever catch me cheating

She would try to cut my (ha-ha-ha)

CrazAmy, but I love her, I could never run from her

HitG it, no rubber never would let no one touch her

SweDmar we drive each other, mad, she be so stubborn

But, what the fuck is love with no pain, no suffer

IntAmense, this shit, it gets dense

SheG knows when I'm out of it like she could just sense

If I hDmad a million dollars or was down to ten cents

She'd be down for whatever

Never gotta convince (you know?)

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Am|G|Dm|Dm ( 2 Times )

WeAm turn up, mobbin' 'til the end of time

OnlyG one who gets me, I'm a crazy fuckin' Gemini

RemDmember this for when I die

Everybody dressed in all black, suits and a tie

My funeral will be lit if I-

EverAm go down or get caught, or they identify

My Gbitch was the most solid, nothing to solidify

SheDm would never cheat,

you'd never see her with a different guy

Ever tell you different, then it's a lie

See, that's my downAm bitch, see that's my soldier

She keeps that thangG-thang if anyone goes there

Calm and collectedDm, she keeps her composure

And she gon' ride for me until this thing over

We do drugs togetheAmr (together)

fuck up clubs together (together)

And we'd both go crazGy (crazy) if we was to sever

You know? DmWe keep mobbin', it's just me and my bitch

Fuck the world, we just gon' keep getting rich, you know?

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Am|G|Dm|Dm ( 2 Times )

CrossAm my heart, hope to die

To you, I've never lied

For you, I'd take a life

It's him and I, and I sweaGr (ayy)

'Til the end I'ma ride wit' you

Mob and get money, get high wit' you, yeah (ayy)

CrossDm my heart, hope to die

This is our ride or die

You can confide in me

There is no hiding, I swear

Stay solid, never lie to you

Swear, most likely I'ma die wit' you, yeah

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Am|G|Dm|Dm ( 2 Times )