Ed Sheeran - Perfect Duet ft. Beyoncé CHORDS

Ed Sheeran - Perfect Duet CHORDS

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Perfect Duet

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I found a loveG, For me Em

Oh darling, just diveC right in

And follow my leadD

Well, I found a girlG

BeautifulEm and sweet

Oh, I never knewC you were the someone

Waitin' for meD

'Cause we were just kids when we fellG in love

Not knowin' whatEm it was

I will not giveC you up this timeG       D

But darling, just kissG me slow

Your heart is all EmI own

And in your eyesC, you're holding mineD

Baby, I'Emm danciCng in the darkG

With youD between my armEms

BareCfoot on the grassG

ListeDning to our favoEmurite song

When you saidC you looked a messG

I whispered undDerneath my breatEmh

But you heaCrd it

Darling, youG look perfDect tonight


Well, I found a manG

Stronger than anyoEmne I know

He shares my dreaCms

I hope that someday we'll share a homDe

I found a loveG,

To carEmry more than just my secrets

To carCry love, to carry children

Of our ownD

We are still kids, but we're so Gin love

Fightin' againEmst all odds

I know we'll be Calright this timeG       D

Darling, just holdG my hand

Be Emyour girl, you'll be my man

And I see my futCure in your eyesD

Well baby, I'Emm danciCng in the darkG

With youD between my armsEm

BareCfoot on the grassG

While listeDning to our favoEmrite song

When I sawC you in that dressG

Looking so beaDutiful

I don'tEm deserveC this

Darling, youG look perfeDct tonight


Baby, I'Emm dancCing in the darkG

With you Dbetween my armsEm

BareCfoot on the grassG

While listeDnin' to our favorEmite song

I have faithC in what I seeG

Now I know I hDave met an angeEml

In perCson

And (she)G(he) looks perfDect

No I donC't deserve this

YouD look perfect tonight


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