Key F
Original Key

INTRO : EmG|CG ( 2 Times )

* It's been a lonEmg day GwithoutC you my friendG

And I'll tellEm you all aboutG it when I seeC you againG

We've come a longEm way Gfrom whereC we beganG

Oh I'll tellEm you all aboutG it when I seeC you againG

When I seeC you againG

 DEmamnG who knew all the planeCs we flew

GoodG things we've been through

ThaEmt I'll be standing right hereG

Talking to you about anothCer path

I KnowG we loved to hit the road and laugh

ButEm something told me thatG it wouldn't last

Had to switcCh up look at thingGs

different see the bigger picture Em

Those were the dayGs hard work forever pays

nowC I see youG in a better place

Em**  HGow could we not Ctalk about family

wheGn family's all that we got?

EverytEmhing I went through you

were stanGding there by my side

And nowC you gonna be with me forG the last ride

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : EmG|CG ( 2 Times )

 Em       FGirst you bothC go out your way

And the vibeG is feeling strong and what's

SmallEm turn to a friendship a friendGship

Turn into a bond and that bondC will never

Be broke and the loveG will never get lost

Em       AGnd when brothCerhood

come first then the lineG

Will never be crossed establiEmshed it on our own

When that lineG had to be drawn and that lineC is what

We reach so rememGber me when I'm gone

( REPEAT ** )

So let the lightEm guide Gyour wayD

hold Cevery memoEmry as you go D

And every roadC you take G

will alGwayD/F#s lead Emyou DhomeC

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : EmG|CG ( 4 Times )