Key F
Original Key

Blessed are the bullies

For one day they will

Have to stand up to themselvesEm

Blessed are the liars       Em

For the truth can be awkward       Em

INSTRU : Em ( 4 Times )

It’s Emnot a place

This country is Bmto be a soundEm

Of drum and bass

You close your eyes Bmto look aroundEm

Look aroundEm, around

Look aroundBm, it’s a sound Em

Look around, look around

It’s a soundBm

It’sEm not a place

This country is Bmto me a thoughtEm

That offers grace

For every welcBmome that is soughtEm

* YouEm are rock’Bmn’roll

YouEm and I are rockBm’n’roll

YouEm are rockBm’n’roll

CameEm here lookin’ for AmeriBmcan Soul

It’s Emnot a place

This is a dream the wholeBm world ownsEm

The pilgrim’s face

It had your heart to callBm her homeEm

HoldEm on, brother John

Too many mothers weepBming

DreamEm on, brother John

In your dreams you can’t be sleepBming

( REPEAT * )

AmeEmrican, American

INSTRU : Em ( 2 Times )

Put yourEm hands in the air

Hold up the sky

It could be too late

But we still gotta try

ThereEm’s a moment in a life

Where the soul can die

In a person, in a country

When you believe the lie

The lie, the lie, the lie

There's a promEmise at the heart

Of every good dream

It's a call to action

Not to fantasy

The endEm of the dream

The start of what's real

Let it be unity, let it be community

For refugees like you and me

A country to receive us

Will you be my sanctuary


( REPEAT * . * )

American Soul, American Soul