Key F
Original Key

INTRO : D|G ( 2 Times )

I cDan see the pain living in your eyesF#m

And I know how hard you tryBm

You deserve to haveGm so much more

I cDan feel your heart and I sympathizeF#m

And I'll never criticizeBm

All you've ever meanGmt to my life

I dDon't want to let you downBm

I dEmon't want to lead you on A

I dF#mon't want to hold you backBm

From where you mighGt belongA

* YouD would never ask me whyG

My heart is so      disguisEmed

I justB7 can't live a lie EmanymoreA

I wDould rather hurt myselfG

Than to ever make you cryEm

There's nothB7ing left to sayEm       Abut goodbye

INSTRU : D|G ( 2 Times )

YouF deserve the chance at the kind of loveAm

I'm not sure I'm worthy of Dm

Losing you is painBbmful to me

I dFon't want to let you downDm

I dGmon't want to lead you on C

I dAmon't want to hold you backDm

From where you mighBbt belongC

( REPEAT * )



YouE would never ask me whyA

My heart is so disguiF#msed

I justC#7 can't live a lie F#manymoreB

I wEould rather hurt myselfA

Than to ever make you cryF#m

There's nothC#7ing left to tryF#m

Though it's gonBna hurt us both

There's no other way than to say goodbye

INSTRU : E|A ( 2 Times ) E