Key F
Original Key

SeeG you in the dark

All A/Eeyes on you, my magician

All Geyes on us

YouA/E make everyone disappear, and

Cut Gme into pieces

GoldA/E cage, hostage to my feelings

BackG against the wall

TrippiA/En', trip-trippin' when you're gone

* 'Cause we Gbreak down a little

But when you get A/Eme alone, it's so simple

'Cause babyG, I know what you know

We can feelA/E it

** And all our piecGes fall

Right intoA place

Get caugGht up in a moment

Lipstick on Ayour face   E

So it goes…

I'm yoursG to keep

And I'm youArs to lose

You know I'm not Ga bad girl, but I

Do bad thingAs with you   E

So it goes…

MetG you in a bar

All A/Eeyes on me, your illusionist

All Geyes on us

I mA/Eake all your grey days clear and

WeaGr you like a necklace

I'm A/Eso chill, but you make me jealous

But GI got your heart

SkippA/in', skip-skippin' when I'm gone

( REPEAT * , ** )

*** ComeG here, dressed in black now

So, Aso, so it goes

ScratcGhes down your back now

So,A so, sEo it goes

YouF did a number on me

ButA/E, honestly, baby, who's counting?

I dGid a number on youA/E

But, honestly, baby, who's counting?

YouG did a number on meA/E

But, honestly, baby, who's countingG?

Who's counting?

(1, 2, 3)

( REPEAT ** , *** , *** )