Key F
Original Key

* CThis ain't for the best

My Dmreputation's never been worse, so Am

You must like me for me…       F

CWe can't make

Any Dmpromises now, can we, babe? Am

But you can make me a drink       F

DiveC bar on the east side, where you at?

PhonDme lights up my nightstand in the black

ComAme here, you can meet me in the back       F

DarkC jeans and your Nikes, look at you

Oh Dmdamn, never seen that color blue

JustAm think of the fun things we could do       F

'Cause I like you

( REPEAT * )

** Is it coolC that I said all that?

Is it chillDm that you're in my head?

'Cause I knowAm that it's delicate (delFicate)

Is it coolC that I said all that?

Is it tooDm soon to do this yet?

'Cause I knoAmw that it's delicate       F

*** Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it? IsnC't it?

Isn't it? DmIsn't it? Isn't it?Am

Isn't it Fdelicate?

ThirCd floor on the west side, me and you

HandsDmome, you're a mansion with a view

Do the girlsAm back home touch you like I do? F

LongC night, with your hands up in my hair

EchoDmes of your footsteps on the stairs

StayAm here, honey, I don't wanna shareF

'Cause I like you

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

SomeEmtimes I wonder Amwhen you sleep

AreG you ever dreaming of me?

SomeEmtimes when I lookAm into your eyes

I pGretend you're mine, all the damn time

'Cause I like you

( REPEAT ** , ** )