Key F
Original Key

* I wanna be your endF game

I wanna be your firstC string       G

I wanna be your A-TDmeam

I wanna be youCr end game, end (G)game

** BigDm reputation, big reputation

OohAm, you and me, we got bigG reputations

Ah, Dmand you heard about me

Oh, CI got some bigG enemies (yeah)

BigDm reputation, big reputation

OohAm, you and me would be a bigG conversation

Ah,Dm and I heard about you (yah)

OohC, you like the badG ones, too

You so dopeDm, don't overdose

I’m so stoked, I need a toast

We do the mostAm

I'm in the Ghost like I'm whippin’ a boatG

I got a repDmutation, girl, that don't precede me (yah)

I'm a call Caway whenever you needG me (yeah)

I'm in a G5 Dm(yeah), come to the A-Side (yeah)

I got a bad Amboy persona

that's what they likeG (what they like)

You love it, DmI love it, too

'cause you my type (you my type)

You hold me downAm and I protect you with my life

*** I don't wanna touchF you, I don't wanna be

Just another ex-lEmove you don’t wanna see

I don’t wanna missDm you (I don't wanna miss you)

Like the other girls do

I don’t wanna hurtF you, I just wanna be

Drinking on a beacEmh with you all over me

I know what they all Dmsay (I know what they all say)

But I ain't tryna play

( REPEAT * )

Now well, when I was youngDm, we connected

When we were little bit older, both sprunAmg

I got issues and chips on Gboth of my shoulders

ReputatiDmon precedes me and rumors are knee-deep

The trutCh is, it's easier to ignoreG it, believe me

EvenDm when we'd argue, we’d not do it for long

And you understandAm the good

And bad end up Gin a song

For all your beautDmiful traits

And the way you do it with ease

For all my flawCs, paranoia and insecurities

I've made mistakDmes and made some choices

that's hard to deny

After the storAmm, something was born on the 4th Gof July

I've passed dayDms without fun..., this end game is the one

With four wordCs on the tip of my tongue, I'll never say it

( REPEAT *** , * , ** )

I hit you like bangDm

We tried to forget it, but we just couldn't

And I bAmury hatchets

But I keep mapsG of where I put 'em

ReputatDmion precedes me, they told you I'm crazy

I swearC I don't love the drama, it loves me

And I canDm't let you go, your hand prints on my soul

It's like your eyesAm are liquor, it's like your bodGy is gold

You've been calliDmng my bluff on all my usual tricks

So here's a truthC from my red lips

( REPEAT * , * )