U2 - Get Out of Your Own Way ft. Kendrick Lamar CHORDS

U2 - Get Out of Your Own Way CHORDS

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Get Out of Your Own Way

Original Key

INTRO : G|D|A|Bm ( 2 Times )

GetG out of Dyour own wayA, heyBm, hey

GetG out of Dyour own wayA, heyBm, hey

LoveG hurts

NowD you're the girl who's left with no Awords

Your heartBm's a balloon, but then it bGursts

It doesnD't take a cannon, just a pinA

Your skin's not covering

And resistGance

LoveD has got to fight for its existAence

The eneBmmy has armies for assistaGnce

The amorDist, the glamorous, the kissA

A fist, listen to this, oh

* GetG out of Dyour own wayA, (oh, BmI)

GetG out of Dyour own wayA, (oh, I)

** I cGould sing it to you all Dnight, all night

If AI could, I'd make it alrigBmht, alright

NothGing's stopping you excepDt what's inside

I cAan help you, but it's your fight, your fight

FightG back

Don't takeD it lyin' down, you got to biteA back

The faceBm of liberty's starting to Gcrack

She hadD a plan up until she got smacAked in the mouth

And it all went south

Like freeGdom

The slavDes are lookin' for someone to leadA them

The mastBmer's lookin' for someone to needG him

The promDised land is there for those who needA it most

And Lincoln's ghost said...

( REPEAT * , ** , * )


( REPEAT * )


Blessed are the arrogant

For there is the kingdom of their own company

Blessed are the superstars

For the magnificence in their light

We understand better our own insignificance

Blessed are the filthy rich

For you can only truly own what you give away

Like your pain

Chord Chart (Get Out of Your Own Way)