Key F
Original Key

FHello, Cis this thing on? MyF man C

FSee thisC one goes out to all the lovers

LoveBbrs' lovers that is C

WhoF spend their nights and days under coversC

Girl, the sun could burnBb out, but you'll still shineC

Aw, yeah

No, don't ask Fme if I love Cyou

'Cause I'm sureBb as the night is longC

And don't ask Fme if I need Cyou

'Cause I'm sureBb that the time will comeC

* Oh, oh, hey, Fbaby, this is who I am C

I shouldn't have to sayBb it for you to understandC

'Cause you already got Fme in the palm of your handC

Just wait a couple lifeBbtimes and ask me againC

** Ooh oohF ooh, ay C

Ooh oohBb ooh, ay, CNo

I do oohF ooh, ay C

Ooh oohBb ooh, ay C


No don't askF me if I loveC you

'Cause I'm sureBb as the day is goneC

And don't askF me if I stayC true

When you knowBb you're the only oneC

( REPAT * , ** )

Ya, KissF you, kiss you, kiss you

Hug ya, hug ya, hug ya

LookC into your eyes and I see the ocean

I aBbin't got no wings

but you got me floatiCng on a cloud

Looking down, it's emotion

ChamFpagne flutes, everybody toasting

HearCt beat fast on this roller coaster

LoveBb you up and down

Spin you 'round and 'round

CanC you hear me now?

( REPEAT * , * , ** )