Key F
Original Key


My Dcastle crumbled overnightA

I brought a knife to a gunfightE

They took the crown but it's alrightF#m

All Dthe liars are calling me oneA

Nobody's heard from me for montEhs

I'm doing better than I ever wasF#m

* (Cause) Dmy baby's fit like a daydream

WalkAing with his head down

I'm the one he's walking to E

So call F#mit what you want yeah

Call it what you want to

My Dbaby's fly like a jet stream

HighA above the whole scene

Loves me like I'm brand newE

So callF#m it what you want yeah

Call it what you want to

All Dmy flowers grew back as thornAs

Windows boarded up after the stormE

He built a fire just to keep me warmF#m

All Dthe drama queens taking swingAs

All the jokers dressing up as kingEs

They fade to nothing when I look at himF#m

AndD I know I make the same

Mistakes every time

BridgAes burn, I never learn

At least I did one thing rightE

I did one thing rightF#m

I'm Dlaughing with my lover

Making forts under covers

TrustA him like a brother

Yeah, you know I did one thing rightE

StarF#mry eyes sparking up my darkest night

( REPEAT * )

I wDant to weaEr his initial on a

ChainF#m round my neck

Chain round my neck

Not becausEe he ownDs me

But E'cause he really knowF#ms me

Which is more than they can say

I rDecall lateE November

HoldF#ming my breath, slowly I said

"youE don't need to saveD me       E

But would you run awayF#m with me?"


( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : D|A|E|F#m  ( 2 Times )

Call it what you want, call it what you want

Call it what you want yeah, call it what you want to