Key F
Original Key

For all the timesE

that you rainB/Eb on my paradeC#m

And all the clubsF#m

you get in usingE my nameB

You think you brokeE my heart

Oh, girlB/Eb for goodness'C#m sake

You think I'm cryingF#m on my ownE

Well, I ain'tB

* And I didn't wanna writeE a song

'CauseB/Eb I didn't want anyC#mone

thinking I still care. I don't,F#m

But youE still hit my phonBe up

And, baby, I be moviEn' on

AndB/Eb I think you shouldC#m be

somethin' I don't wanna holdF#m back,

MayEbe you should knowB that

** My mama don't likC#me you A

and she likes everyoneE

And I never likeC#m to

admAit that I was wrongE

And I've been so caughC#mt up in my Ajob,

Didn't seeE what's going on B

But now I know,C#m   A

I'm better sleepBing on my own

*** 'Cause if you likeE the wayB

you lookC#m that muchA

Oh, baby, youE should go and loveA yourselfE

And if you thinkE that I'mB

still holC#mdin' on Ato somethin'

YouE should go and loveA yourselfE

And when you toldE me that

you hatedB/Eb my friendsC#m

The only probF#mlem

Was with youE and not themB

And every timeE you told me

myB/Eb opinion was wrongC#m

And tried to makeF#m me

forget whereE I came fromB

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

INSTRU : EB|C#m A|EB|E ( 2 Times )

For all the timesE that

you madeB/Eb me feel smallC#m

I fell in love.F#m Now I feel nothEin' at all B

And never feltE so low when

I wB/Ebas vulnerableC#m

Was I a foolF#m to let you

breakE down my walls?B

( REPEAT *** , *** )