Key F
Original Key


YouA say that you’re leavin

But I don’t think I can letBm go

WhenD you put the phone down

I began to cryA

WhaAt are you to do

When the person that you love just sayBms no?

Boy, getD yourself together

Move on with your lifeA

* So I’m gonna playA my favorite rhythm

Got to get you outBm my system

I would do anyDthing to keepDm you off my mindA

I’m gonna have to callA my sisters

Be around the oneBms who listen

AnyDthing to drowDmn you out tonightA

** BabAy, you make me crazBmy

Why’Dd you have to fill my heart with sorrAow?

SaveA me, make it all hazBmy

So I dDon’t think about you ‘til tomorArow

It Awasn’t enough

but you could’ve had the guts to faceBm me

It would have meanDt so much

if you’d looked me in the eyeA

Why do AI always fall for the ones

who have no courBmage?

I must seeD some kind of beauty in theirA eyes

( REPEAT * , ** )


( REPEAT ** , ** )