Key F
Original Key

I've been burning, yes, I've been burning

Such a burden, this flame on my chest

No insurance to pay for the damage

Yeah, I've been burning up since you left

INSTRU : EmD|G ( 3 Times )


I've been smoking, oh Em          D

More than twenGty a day

Blame it on rebellEmion       D

Don't blameG it on me

Wish I was younEmger       D

Back to the nineGteenth of May

I had an openEm mind

SworDe to never changCe

* FunEmny how timeD goes by G

Had respect for myself Em

That rivDer ran dry G

You reached the limEmit

I wasnD't enouGgh

It's like the fireEm replacDed all the loveC

** I've been burnEming, yesD, I've been burnGing

Such a burdEmen, this flamDe on my chesGt

No insurancEme to payD for the damGage

Yeah, I've been burnEming up Dsince you leftC

Oh, have you ever calleEmd       D

I will bursGt straight back

Give you my forgiveEmness       D

And the shirCt off my back

No friends to turnEm to       D

Yeah, I messGed up that

Wish we could smokEme again

JustD for a dayC, oh

( REPEAT * , ** )

Yeah, I've been burnEming up Dsince you leftG

Oh, I've been burnEming up Dsince you leftC