Key F
Original Key

INTRO : C ( 2 Times )

MayCbe one day I won’t sing about you

I’ll sing a song about somG/Beone newAm

ButC right here, right now, you are on my mind

And I think aboutG/B you all the timeAm

* I’m sendDming a message to you

And I’m hopiGng that it will get through

** When it was goodC

it was bittersweet, honey

You made me sadC

Til I lovedE7 the shade of blueAm

I know you don’Ct want to talkE7 to me

So thisAm is what I will doF

Maybe you’re listenCing

So here’s oneG last song forC you

(Here’s one last song for you)

AndC I hope it makes you feel

And I hope it makes you burn

AndC I hope it remindG/Bs

you of how much it hurtAm

( REPEAT * , ** )

In Amcase you heaGr this

then knowC you’re the love of my lifeF

Want to tellAm you I’m sorrGy

I missC having you by my sideF       D7

When you wereG mine

( REPEAT ** )