Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Bb|Dm|Cm|F7

TwoBb years since you walked awayDm from me

Since all of our scattCmered dreams

Were just throwF7n away

I'm Bbfinally gettin back to what I usedDm to be

Share my pain with my famCmily

Think I'm on F7my way

I cCman sleep at night

I don't reachDm for you when I wake up (no)

ButGm it's taken some timeG7 (yea)

I cCman live my life

Without prayDming that we could make up

I'm movinEb on, I'm feeling strong insideF

But sometimes I cry,Eb babe

WheDmn I'm all alone

With this hearCmt of mine (oooo) Bb

Sometimes I cry Eb babe

AltDmhough you've been gone

For a longCm, long time

(ohhhFhhh yea)

HearBbd you're moving in with somDmeone new

I hope all your dreamCms come true

And you'll bothF7 be happy, yeahBb

Been long enough for me to take a lookDm around

I've met a girl, we've been hangCmin out

She's been goodF7 for me

ButCm when we're makin love

She don't takeDm me there like you used to

AndGm it hurts when I lieG7 (when I lie baby)

HelpCm me understand how to pushDm you out

Forget you and letEb you go

Cuz Lord knows I've triedF, yeah

But sometimes I cryEb, babe

BabyDm i been hurtin'

For a longCm, long time (yes, I haveF babe)

Sometimes I cryEb, babe

AinDm't nothin workin

For this painCm of mine       F

I'll F#just have to fakeC# it

UntiG#l I can makeEb it

ThereBb's a smile on my faceF, yeah

But I'm broken insideG, yea

Sometimes I cryF, babe

WhEmen I'm all alone,

when I'm all Dmalone

With this heart of mine       G

Some times i cryF, babe

AltEmhough youAm been gone

for a longDm long

A long long long

LongG long long long long long time

(Sometimes I cry)F          Em

Baby, babDmy, baby,

i can't take it no more...       C