Key F
Original Key


I'mG gonna makeD/F# a change,Em

for onceD in myC life

It's gonna feelG real good,D/F#

gonna make a diffEmerence

Gonna makeD it rightC...

As I, turnG up the collarD/F# on

my Emfavorite wintDer coat

ThisC wind is blowing my mind

I see the kidsG in the streets,D/F#

with not enoughEm to eatD

Who am I to Cbe blind?

Pretending not to see their needs

A sAmummer disregard

A bBmroken bottle top

AndC a one man soulBm

They follAmow each

other on the wind ya'Bm know

'Cause they gotC nowhere to goD

That's why I want you to know

* I'mG startiBmng with

the manC in the mirrDor

I'mG askingBm him to changeC his waysD

AndG no messBmage

could have beenC any clearerC#dim

If you wannDa make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself

And then make a change ( CHANGE!)



I'veG been a victD/F#im of

A sEmelfish kindD of love

It'sC time that I realize

That there are someG with no home,D/F#

not a nickelEm to loan D

Could it be reaClly me,

pretending that they're not aloneG

A wAmillow deeply scarred

SomeBmbody's broken heart

AndC a washed-out dreamBm

(Washed-out dream)

They folloAmw the pattern

of the windBm ya' see

'Cause they gotC no place to be D

That's why I'm starting with me

( REPEAT * , * )

** I'mG# startiCmng with the manC# in the mirrorEb

I'mG# askinCmg him to changeC# his waysEb

And noG messageCm

could have beenC# any clearerDdim

If you wanEbna make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

You gotta got it right ,

While you got the time You can’t close your

( REPEAT ** )

INSTRU : G#Eb/G |FmEb|C# ( 2 Times )

MakeC# that change