Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid CHORDS

Logic - 1-800-273-8255 CHORDS

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Original Key

INTRO : DE|F#m A ( 4 Times )

* I'veD been on the low

I been takinEg my timeF#m

I feel like I'm outA of my mindD

It feel like my lifeE ain't mineF#m

Who can relate? WooA!

** I'veD been on the low

I been takiEng my timeF#m

I feel like I'm outA of my mindD

It feel like my lifeE ain't mineF#m          A

*** I don't wanna be Dalive       E

I dF#mon't wanna be alive       A

I jDust wanna die todayE

I jF#must wanna die       A

I dDon't wanna be alive E

I dF#mon't wanna be alivAe       D

I jEust wanna dieF#m

And let me tell Ayou why

All Dthis other shit I'm talkin'

'bout they think they knowE it

I've been prayiF#mng for somebody

to save me, no one's heroAic

And my lifeD don't even matter

I know it, I know it, I knowE

I'm hurtiF#m ng deep down

but can't show it

I neveAr had a placeD to call my own

I never hadE      a homeF#m,

ain't nobody callin' my phoneA

Where you beenD? Where you at?

What's on your mind?

They sayE every lifeF#m

precious but nobody care abouAt mine

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

It'sD the very first breath

When your headE's beenF#m

drowning underwater

AnAd it's Dthe lightness in the air

When you're thereE

ChesF#mt to chest with a lover

It'As holdiDng on, though the road's long

And seeEing lightF#m in the darkest things

AndA when you stareD at your reflection

FinaElly knowing whoF#m it is

I know that you'll thank GodA you did

I knowD where you been,

where you are, where you goiEn'

I kF#mnow you're the reason

I belieAve in lDife

What's the day without a littEle nightF#m?

I'm just tryna shed a little light       A

It Dcan be hard       E

It F#mcan be so hard       A

ButD you gotta live right nowE

YouF#m got everything to giveA right now

( REPEAT * , ** )

I finally wanna be Dalive       E

I finF#mally wanna be alive       A

I dDon't wanna die todayE

I dF#mon't wanna die       A

I fDinally wanna be alive       E

I fF#minally wanna be alive       A

I dDon't waEnna die F#m

I dAon't wanna die

INSTRU : DE|F#m A ( 5 Times )

PainD don't hurt the sameE, I knowF#m

ThAe laneD I travel feelsE aloneF#m

ButA I'm moviDng 'til my legEs give F#mout

AnAd I see Dmy tears melt in Ethe snow F#m          A

But I dDon't wanna cry

I dEon't wanna cry F#manymore       A

I wDanna feel alive

I don't even wannEa die F#manymore

Oh I dAon't wannaD       E

I dF#mon't wanna       A

I dDon't even Ewanna die F#manymore

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