Liam Gallagher - Come Back To Me CHORDS

Liam Gallagher - Come Back To Me CHORDS

Original Key

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Come Back To Me

Original Key

INTRO : AmG|F|Dsus2       |FG

I'veAm gone so Gfar, myF hands are high

But I wDsus2ant to touch you

Cause I kFnow you're lonely G

I'veAm seen despGair, but FI still care

My heartDsus2 is together

My headF is explodGing

* EverDsus2yone out Fthere

says you'Cve been going a bitG/B too hardAm       G

EverDsus2yone outF there

Says youC've been testing manG/B and godAm

TryiGng to make the sceneF       G

** Why don't you come back to meAm       G       F

Why don't you come back to meDsus2           F

Why don't you comeG back to me

TireAmd of myGself, thanFk god some help

I'm cominDsus2' and goin'

I canF't get enougGh in

Get Amhigh, getG saved

LookF out, be brave

WhenDsus2 wings start to rolling

Your hearFts on a feeliGng

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : AmG|F|Dsus2       |FG

( 2 Times )

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : Am (Till End)

Chord Chart (Come Back To Me)