Key F
Original Key


( 2 Times )

HereA am I

I’m high up on a ledge

I’m standing on the edgeF#m

I’m hidiBmng aloneA in some town

Where love has been and gone

I’m waiting for the stormF#m to comeBm back

And takeA me down

The things I left unsaid

When lying on the bedF#m

Right nextBm to the faceA you wore

When you left me on my one

Now I’ve been on my ownF#m

And I mBmust say

* I dDidn’t come here to breaAk up your mind

I dDo believe that you were wastF#ming my time

TheDre’s no more tears left to cry Amyself blind

If loveF#m is the law. Then thisBm is a crime


Forever set in stone

When all is said and doneF#m

They’re justBm like the fallAen leaves

Together in your head

The sun’s about to setF#m

I sailBm out to stormAy seas

But I cannot find the shore

Can’t hear you anymoreF#m

And thereBm’s nothing leftA for me

Lying broken on the glass

And the ship’s about to crashF#m

And I mBmust say

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : A ( 8 Times )


D|A|F#m |Bm

( REPEAT * , * )