Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Em|GA ( 4 Times )

HereEm in the jungGle       A

I cEman’t get a break for loveG nor monAey

The Emweight of the worldG

Is draggAing me downEm down down  G       A

The heatEm in the bubGble       A

She’Ems coming down on eveGrybodAy

YouEm better get up G

BefAore the sunEm goes down  G       A


* I get to slipA my skin

When my shipB came in

What a dayD now! E

I feel as rightA as rain

But I forgotB your name

Qu’est-ce que c’estD now?E

These are the gloAry days

For the waifBs and the strays

YouD give me love

I give you thankEs and praise

** All the wayA now! B

What a dayD now! E

Don’t let me throw it awayB!

*** YouB got the nerve

I got the brains

We got them crawling up and down

On their hands and their knees

INSTRU : Em|GA ( 4 Times )

SheEm as my witnGess       A

My Embaby say you’ll do

the shakeG for monAey?

WhenEm the weight of the worldG

Is dragging you downEm down downG       A

NearEm in the distGance       A

I sEmee you stumble when the roadG is rockAy

YouEm better get upG

BeforAe the sunEm goes down       G       A

INSTRU : Am|B|D|E ( 2 Times )

 ( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

INSTRU : Em|GA ( 4 Times )