Key F
Original Key

INSTRU : Cm|Cm|Cm|Cm ( 4 Times )

It’s like a songCm, It’s like a prayer

It’s like dream, you had, one night

Put it over there

Wear it like a faceCm, Never seen before

Keep it with the key, you thought, you found

Lyin’ on the floor

INSTRU : Cm|Cm|Cm|Cm ( 2 Times )

Wipe away the tearCm

It only comes with peace

Wipe it with a rose, of love, you saw

Fallin’ underneath

Do it like a danceCm, Do it for a while

But when it's gone, you know, it's gone

You're walking down a mile

* It's a beauG#tiful dream

A beautiful night

It’s a beauFmtiful world

When we dance in the light

All tEbhat is real

And all that is mine, is rightCm

** It’s a beauG#tiful dream

A beautiful night

It’s a beautFmiful world

And all Ebthat is mine, is right(Cm)

INSTRU : Cm|Cm|Cm|Cm ( 2 Times )

I'm blinded by the lightCm

I try to catch my breath

I sing a song of love

And you can teach

me what you know of death

It's walking in yourCm dreams

It's written in the sky

And when you feel the heat

You know you've found the reason why

( REPEAT * , ** )


Attention, attention!

Madames, monsieurs

Accrochez-vous bien et très bons adieu

L’humanité fond aux deux pôles

Attention, attention!

Madames, monsieurs

Les frontières se repèrent

Inspirer, expirer monoxyde de carbone

Détendez-vous et reposez en paix

C’est juste la fin du monde

INSTRU : G#|Fm|Eb|Cm

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : G#|Fm|Eb|Cm ( 2 Times ) Cm

And all that is mine, is right