Key F
Original Key

INTRO : CmG#|EbBb/D      ( 2 Times )

I'm holdCming on your rope

Got me tenG# feet off the grounEbd      Bb/D

I'm hearCming what you say

but I justG# can't make a souEbnd         Bb/D

You tellCm me that you need me

TheG#n you go and cut me downEb  but waiBb/Dt

You tellCm me that you're sorry

DidG#n't think I'd turn arounEbd and saBb/Dy

* It's tooCm late to apologizeG#

 it's tooEb late      Bb/D

I said it's tooCm late to apologizeG#

it's tooEb late      Bb/D


I'd takeCm another chance, take a fallG#

Take a shot for youEb         Bb

I needCm you like a heart needs a beatG#

But it's nothing newEb         Bb

I lovedCm you with a fire redG#

Now it's turning blueEb, and you sayBb

SorrCmy like the angel

heavG#en let me think was youEb

But I'mBb afraid

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : CmG#|EbBb/D      ( 2 Times )

( REPEAT * , * )

I'm holdiCmn on your rope,

got me tenG# feet off the grounEbd