Fergie - Save It Til Morning CHORDS

Fergie - Save It Til Morning CHORDS

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Save It Til Morning

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WG/Banna hideC away in a quiet place

And wG/Bait outC your storm of words again

BuilG/Bd a wallC and put my armor on

Escape the bullD/F#ets, babeEm

SileG/Bnce stareCs to see who's giving in

WhG/Bo will be Cthe first to break?

GotG/B that lookC on your face tonight

What ya gonD/F#na say? Em

* But this girlEm is walking, walking (Yeah)C

And you start talking, talking (Uh-huh)

'Cause babGy we're about

To blowD/F# (I'm 'bout to blow)

Don't tell me thingEms you'll be regretCting (Yeah)

'Cause I'm never gonna forget 'em (Nah)

TonightD/F# we gotta let it go-o-o-o

** MyEm heart Cis screaming out, leavDe me aloneG

JusEmt don't starCt, we'll work it out tomDorrow G

We can kickEm and fight, stay upCall damn night

Thinking youD and I are enemGies (Woah)

ButEm these dark skiesC are gonna be clearD (Shh)

Just save it til morning Em         Em

(Save it til morning)Em (Ahh)         Em

AllG/B the sorrCy's, the apologies

AllG/B the "You'Cre not good enoughs"

AllG/B the careCless words you throw on me

It's hard to scraD/F#pe them offEm

LikeD/F# a barnCacle, they stick to me

LikeD/F# a zomCbie's eating my flesh

SoD/F# babyC, think before you speak

And takeD/F# a deep breathEm

( REPEAT * , ** )

LighCt from the dawn, brinD/F#ging the calm

Bringing the haze away out of the fogEm

Moving the clouds, liftiDng the doubt

Seeing it for what it really is nowC

Love you a lot, youD/F# even more

Why do you hurt the ones you love the mosEmt?

Love you a lotD, you even more

Why do you hurt the ones you love the mostC?

I won't beD/F# your punching bag

WhyEm did I pDut up with that?

WeAm gotta figure it outD

You don't want me to figure that out

( REPEAT ** )

Save it til morningEm

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