Key F
Original Key

INTRO : E7/G#      |F

I ain't saying it ain't beauAmtiful,

but it used to be C

Who is thisE7/G# right here?

She don't look like me F

I was sleeping with the demAmon

every night in my bedCroom

I guess you areE7/G# who you keep

a reflection of me

That I donF't wanna be, no

* OopAms, look what you made me do C

I'm crazy just like youE7/G#

I'm tainted just like youF

Table set for twoAm

look what you made me proveC

I'm crazy just like youE7/G#

I'm tainted just like youF

Just like youAm,      C

(just like youE7/G#, ooh)      F

I don't know if you rememAmber

what you did to me C(oh)

'Cause I canE7/G#'t forget

I see it in my dreamFs

I believe it ain't a nighAmtmare

All the shit you put meC through (Yeah)

Tried to breakE7/G# me to pieces

it's a piece of my life

that I donF't really need, no

( REPEAT * )

GonAme girl, I don't ever wanna go backC

Thought it was forever

you should know thatE7/G#

Haunted 'till I finally

figure out your gameF, game

TakAme a picture in your mind

it's a throwbackC

Done twisting it up my life

you should roll thatE7/G#

Don't be trippin' on my shadow

as I walk awayF-ay-ay

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Am|C|E7/G#      |F ( 4 Times )

BellAmy of the beast

nowC let's have a feast         E7/G#           F