Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive CHORDS

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive CHORDS

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I Will Survive

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At firstAm I was afraid, I was petrDmified,

Kept thinking I cGould never live

without you by Cmy side

But then I spenFmaj7t so many nights

thinking howBdim7 you did me wrong,

And I grew strongE, and I learned

howE7 to get along.

And so you're backAm from outer spacDme.

I just walkedG in to find you here

with that sad lookC upon your face

I should have chanFmaj7ged that stupid lock

I should have madBdim7e you leave your key

If I had knowEn for just one second

you'd be backE7 to bother me

* Go on now, go. AmWalk out the doorDm

Just turn arounGd now

'cause you're not welCcome anymore

WeFmaj7ren't you the one

who tried to hurtBdim7 me with goodbye?

Did you think I'd crumbleE?

Did you think I'd layE7 down and die?

** Oh, no, not I! Am I will survivDme.

Oh, as longG as I know

how to love I knowC I'll stay alive.

I've got all Fmaj7my life to live.

I've got all Bdim7my love to give.

And I'll surviveE, I will surviveE7,

(hey, hey) (Oh Oh) (I will survive)


Fmaj7      |Bdim7      |E|E7

It took all Amthe strength

I had not to fallDm apart.

Kept trying hardG to mend

the pieces of my brokCen heart.

And I spent, oh, Fmaj7so many nights

just feeling sorrBdim7y for myself.

I used to cry E but now I holdE7 my head up high.

And you see meAm somebody newDm.

I'm not that chainGed-up little person

still in loveC with you.

And so you felt like droppFmaj7ing in,

And just expectBdim7 me to be free.

And now I'm savinEg all my loving

for someoneE7 who's loving me.

( REPEAT * , ** , * , ** )

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