Key F
Original Key


I'vC#me been drinking dirty watGer

ButC I've been here before, afteAmr all E

TheC#m witching hour is upon Gus

SoC you and I can sing haunAmted songEs


In C#mmy dreams I'm climbing laddGers

AndC then I tumble down, rungAm by rungE

AndC#m I keep on falling fastGer

TheC heart is echoing, on Amand on E

OnAm and on E

* I fGeel an earthquake coming on A

I fCeel the metal in my boneGs

'CausGe I'm a natural disastAer

(YouC're the morning after all Gmy Astorms)Em

(Dirty water in my blood)

YouC#m're my sea of poison flowGers

StanCding in the sun, rowAm by row E

I'veC#m been drinking dirty watGer

TheC taste of sweet revenge, besAmt served coldE

All Amwe know E

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Em ( 8 Times )

Em|Em|G|G|A|C ( 2 Times )

BleedEm dirty watGer

BreAathe dirtCy sky Em

( REPEAT ** , ** , ** , ** , ** )

( REPEAT * , * )