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Original Key

Dirty Water CHORDS

Original Key


I'vC#me been drinking dirty watGer

ButC I've been here before, afteAmr all E

TheC#m witching hour is upon Gus

SoC you and I can sing haunAmted songEs


In C#mmy dreams I'm climbing laddGers

AndC then I tumble down, rungAm by rungE

AndC#m I keep on falling fastGer

TheC heart is echoing, on Amand on E

OnAm and on E

* I fGeel an earthquake coming on A

I fCeel the metal in my boneGs

'CausGe I'm a natural disastAer

(YouC're the morning after all Gmy Astorms)Em

(Dirty water in my blood)

YouC#m're my sea of poison flowGers

StanCding in the sun, rowAm by row E

I'veC#m been drinking dirty watGer

TheC taste of sweet revenge, besAmt served coldE

All Amwe know E

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Em ( 8 Times )

Em|Em|G|G|A|C ( 2 Times )

BleedEm dirty watGer

BreAathe dirtCy sky Em

( REPEAT ** , ** , ** , ** , ** )

( REPEAT * , * )

Dirty Water LYRICS
I've been drinking dirty water
But I've been here before, after all
The witching hour is upon us
So you and I can sing haunted songs
In my dreams I'm climbing ladders
And then I tumble down, rung by rung
And I keep on falling faster
The heart is echoing, on and on
On and on

* I feel an earthquake coming on
I feel the metal in my bones
'Cause I'm a natural disaster
(You're the morning after all my storms)
(Dirty water in my blood)

You're my sea of poison flowers
Standing in the sun, row by row
I've been drinking dirty water
The taste of sweet revenge, best served cold
All we know
( REPEAT * )

Bleed dirty water
Breathe dirty sky
( REPEAT ** , ** , ** , ** , ** )
( REPEAT * , * )