Key F
Original Key


You got the will of a wildA

A wild birdE

You got the faith of a childA

Before the worldE gets in

* You gotD some kindA of loveE

You gotD some kindA of loveE

YouD got the soul of a truckA

On a longE distance haul

YouD got the grace of the stormA

In the deseErt

( REPEAT * )


** YouD got some kind

YouA got some kind

YouE got some kind

You got some kind of love

( REPEAT ** , ** )

INSTRU : D|A|E|E ( 4 Times )

*** Can't do this aloneD         A

We need you at homeE

There's so much to seeD         A

We know that you're strongE

( REPEAT *** )

Can't do this aloneD