Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Gm|EbGm|BbF|Gm|Eb


I cBbarried you slow G for waytoo long

I cEbouldn't let you go

Under a spell of don't, don't, don't

EgoBb reaction G

Guess I was holding up faceEb

By saving your ass

You spent my money and I lost their faith

* I sBbcreamed "YesG", you told me "Nah"

YouEb fed me fear, I spoke to God

I was living my dreams through your eyesBb      G

Building my life on your liesEb, yeah

** You just laughed when I criedBb

Think about thatG

Who knew the real sacrificeBb

Think about thatG

ThBbink about thatG

Think about Eb

Think about that, wow

All Bbyou disturbG is my work and my patience

YearEbs of grinding, you took it, you broke it

All cause you're fakingBb

You wanFna be famGous Say it, you wanna be famousEb

Using my jewels, You were thirsty as fuck

Always late, always fadedBb

 ( REPEAT * , ** )


Think about that timeEb when you blamed me

Think about that timeF when I called you up

And I said I needed saviDng

Think about that timeGm when you said you cared

You were lyinEbg, tryna faze me

Think about that timeF when I got sick

And you made me go on stageD

Think about that timeGm when you used my fame

To stackEb up on your paper

Think about that timeF you told

My label, as you said "She's crazyD"

Think about the factGm they see it now

You're a shark, a cheat, a traitor

(shark, a cheat, a traitor)



Think about that