Key F
Original Key

I don't wanna make music anymore

I said that out loud, wow

Then I tried to stop and I didn't know how to

Because it's impossible to walk away from true love

Our emotion, lyrics, music, feeling

It's what I need to survive

Man, that pain woke me up

It's inside out, you know?

I don't do this because I want to do it

I do it because I have to

I feel everything so deeply

It's a blessing and a curse

And I lost my passion to create

To draw a line between business and art

I'd fallen into darkness

And allowed myself to be led by fear

The fear was keeping other people happy

Who didn't ever care about me

And I was running deeper

Into someone and something I wasn't

How did that become more important than my light?

At the time I couldn't find that question

I really thought it was more important

I'd forgotten what made me special

I was lost in what I stood for

And I was desperately trying

To reach out for something,

Or someone, but I couldn't feel

It didn't feel like there was anyone there

But there was, I was there

Love was there

I was there, I never left

I just gave someone my magic

And they didn't look after it

And in all the power I felt was lost

It was never gone

The one thing that started this

Whole journey could never be taken away from me

My voice

I started to just, write words and sing

Just like I did when I was sixteen

No singles, no hooks, no pressure

Just me, my feelings and being real

And I started to feel it

I started to feel it coming back

The music I said I didn't wanna make

Is what brought me back to life

The anger, the honesty, the heartache

The pain, the joy, the strength, the love

It all happened for a reason

The teaching and the lesson

The words I kept coming back to

Realisations, Obsessions ,Sex

And Empowerment


For each letter, there is a word

And for each word

Is a song I will share with you

I'm strong enough now to let you in

To be real and to be free

My mother is called Rose

She gave me the gift of life

A rose is at it's most beautiful when budding new

I rose above the pain

We give roses or a single rose as a gift

For so many different feelings

And this, This is my gift to you