Foo Fighters - The Line CHORDS

Foo Fighters - The Line CHORDS

Original Key

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The Line

Original Key

*** YesE or no? What is truth

But a dirtG#my black cloud

Coming out of the blue?

I wEas wrong. I was right

I'm a blooG#md moon born

In the dead of night

INSTRU : E|G#m      ( 2 Times )

BreakE my bones. I don't care

All G#mI ever wanted was a body to share

HearEt's gone cold. Brush ran dry

SateG#m llite searching for a sign of life

* Like youE      G#m         E      G#m

SomewhereC#m? Are you thereE?

** TheB tears in your eyesE,

someday will dryB

We fight for our livesE,

'Cause everything's on the lineC#m

(This time)E         (G#m)

ListEen close. I can't hide

I'm G#ma page torn from a broken spine

SunE gets low. I get high

SateG#mllite searching for a sign of life

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : EG#m      ( 2 Times )

Are you thereC#m? Are you thereE?

( REPEAT ** , ** , *** )

Chord Chart (The Line)