Key F
Original Key

INTRO : A|A|C#m |C#m

Oh, it's okaAy to be

A little broken and beat

But I'm alrighC#mt with that

You're with me, relax

And youA call it weak

Baby, you're just unique

Come outC#m of the black

Never hold it backC7

* YouA got such sad eyeF#ms

Turn blue to greyG#m

And it hAurts me to seeF#m

You hurt this wayG#m

** Oh, go on and cryA, baby, crybaby

'Cause youC#m don't have to keep it inside

(Just cry, just cry)

Go on and cryA, baby, crybaby

And thereC#m's no reason you got to hide

(Just cry, just cry)

A real man shows his feelAings

Tears they can be healing

And I cC#man be your savior tonight

So go on and cryA, baby, cryF#mbaby, just cryG#m

You keep comAing home drunk

And I don't know what's up

You can talkC#m to me

Spare those whiskey dreams

Don't haveA to man up

That phrase kinda sucks

Let yourselfC#m be free

And open up to me

( REPEAT * , ** )

NothAing's the end of the world

FeelC#ming this pain is gonna be alright

OneA day you'll look back and know

It C#mwasn't worth all the heartache

ThisA could be the making of you

So letC#m it all out, let it fall dowAn, yeah

( REPEAT ** )

SweC#met darling

LetG#m it all out