Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Cm|G#|Cm|Bb

* LifeCm's a movie, letG# the camera roll

FastCm life moving, ain'tBb no going slow

ThatCm's right, baby, youG# already know

You alreadCmy know, hope you're

ReadBby steady, steady, rocking

Let Cmit go, get rolled, I just can't hold

Back and forth 'cause I'm the girl with soul

Ain't controlling effects, so what the heck

Rock the discotheque 'cause

This groove is up next

TeasCme on the camera

Freeze while I animate

I'm no amateur, I'm a laminate

I'ma assassinate all the imitates

Then I'ma take a break, and meditate

HmmCm, let me think about it

Put my little noodle on the problem

Then I drink about it

Drink a little, swig a little

Sip a little, spill a little

Feel a little loopy when I get a little tipsy

BeeCmz got me feeling like a gypsy

Smoking on that hookah got me

Feeling like a hippie, trippy

Gone for a minute and you missed me

Now Fergie back with a bag full of tricksies

( REPEAT * )

ThisCm is how we do, thisG# is how we do

ThisCm is how we do, thisBb is how we do

Yo, ayo, let Cmit go, let's go

I keep a bar like Esco

I wanna ball, where the nets go?

I'm on stage, you can stand

Where the guests go

Bitches is my sons

They don’t wanna leave the nest tho

TheyCm like, uh, where the ref go?

I-I got these hoes scared to pass,

I got that intercept flow

I made a movie like Seth Rog

And since I came in the game,

They careers on death row

DamCmn, I ain't see Meek Millie in a week

Five shows, made three millie in a week

You are now looking at the the best, the elite

Too bad you can't go and invest in critiques

I’m thick and petite, tell ‘em quick pick a seat

I pullCm up in a Ghost, no sheets, trick or treat

I know they on E, but I don't give a F, though

Bad attitude, but my pussy is the best, though

** LifeCm's a movie, letEb the camera roll

FastGm life moving, ain'tBb no going slow

ThatCm's right, baby, youEb already know

You alreadGmy know, hope you're

ReadFy steady, steady, rocking

*** ThisCm is how we do, thisEb is how we do

ThisGm is how we do, thisF is how we do

ComeCm get some, you little bums

Dudes want the cake,

But they can't get a crumb

From the original, sexual,

Visual dope chick and all that good shit

Charismatic when I'm at it

When I, add it up, I'm mathematic, baby

Top game, I'm out the attic

There you have it, no dramatics, hold the static

PoseGm for the camera, daddy, I'm vogueing

BabFy, I'm glamorous, and I'm folding

GramBbmys and AMAs, I'm holding

AmaziDmng the way I keep shit frozen

CoolCm, that's true,

Got new shoes and a new attitude

Got my hair did, got a new hairdo

Come and see me at a venue near you

I sCmaid watchEb me,

I said watchGm me when I dropF it

Just watcCmh and learn,

Baby, watchEb and learn, baby

It's hotGm, it burns so I dropF it

Oh baby, watchCm me when I drop it

YouBb didn't know I could dropG# it like that, did you?

YouBb didn't know I could dropG# it like that, did you?

( REPEAT ** , *** , *** )

Make some noise for my girl Fergie Ferg