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For What It’s Worth CHORDS
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In Ammy defenceG all my

intentFions were goodC         G/B

AndAm heaven knows a placeG

somewhere for the misFunderstoodG

You knowDm I'd give you bloodAm

If it'd be enoughF         G

DeviAml's on my doorGstep since

The dayF I was bornC         G/B

It's Amhard to find a sunsetG in

the eyeF of a stormG

But I'm a dreamDmer by designAm

and I know in timeF we'll put this behindG         G7

* ForC what it's worthG/B I'm sorrAmy

For the hurtG I'll be the firstF to say

"I madeEm my own mistakesDm"      F      G

ForC what it's worthG/B I knowAm

It's just a wordG and words betrayD

SomeFtimes we loseG our way C         G/B

ForAm what it's worthG      F      G      C      (G/B)

BehinAmd the lensG is a poison

pictuFre you paintC         G/B

AndAm let's not pretendG you were ever

searchFing for saintGs

Cause I'veDm been crucifiedAm

for just being aliveF         G

SomeAmwhere in the crossGfire of

this whispFering warC         G/B

SeemAms that I've forgotG

just what I wasF fighting forG

But undDmerneath my skinAm

there's a fire within FStill burning G

( REPEAT * )

The Dfirst bird to fly F

gets all the arroCws         G/B

Let'Ds leave the past behindF

with all our sorrCows         G/B

I'll Dbuild a bridge betweenF

us and I'll swallCow my G/BprideAm         G


( REPEAT * )

For What It’s Worth LYRICS
In my defence all my
intentions were good         
And heaven knows a place
somewhere for the misunderstood
You know I'd give you blood
If it'd be enough         

Devil's on my doorstep since
The day I was born         
It's hard to find a sunset in
the eye of a storm
But I'm a dreamer by design
and I know in time we'll put this behind         

* For what it's worth I'm sorry
For the hurt I'll be the first to say
"I made my own mistakes"            
For what it's worth I know
It's just a word and words betray
Sometimes we lose our way          
For what it's worth                        

Behind the lens is a poison
picture you paint         
And let's not pretend you were ever
searching for saints
Cause I've been crucified
for just being alive         

Somewhere in the crossfire of
this whispering war         
Seems that I've forgot
just what I was fighting for
But underneath my skin
there's a fire within Still burning
( REPEAT * )
The first bird to fly
gets all the arrows         
Let's leave the past behind
with all our sorrows         
I'll build a bridge between
us and I'll swallow my pride         
( REPEAT * )