Liam Gallagher - For What It’s Worth CHORDS

Liam Gallagher - For What It’s Worth CHORDS

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For What It’s Worth

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In Ammy defenceG all my

intentFions were goodC         G/B

AndAm heaven knows a placeG

somewhere for the misFunderstoodG

You knowDm I'd give you bloodAm

If it'd be enoughF         G

DeviAml's on my doorGstep since

The dayF I was bornC         G/B

It's Amhard to find a sunsetG in

the eyeF of a stormG

But I'm a dreamDmer by designAm

and I know in timeF we'll put this behindG         G7

* ForC what it's worthG/B I'm sorrAmy

For the hurtG I'll be the firstF to say

"I madeEm my own mistakesDm"      F      G

ForC what it's worthG/B I knowAm

It's just a wordG and words betrayD

SomeFtimes we loseG our way C         G/B

ForAm what it's worthG      F      G      C      (G/B)

BehinAmd the lensG is a poison

pictuFre you paintC         G/B

AndAm let's not pretendG you were ever

searchFing for saintGs

Cause I'veDm been crucifiedAm

for just being aliveF         G

SomeAmwhere in the crossGfire of

this whispFering warC         G/B

SeemAms that I've forgotG

just what I wasF fighting forG

But undDmerneath my skinAm

there's a fire within FStill burning G

( REPEAT * )

The Dfirst bird to fly F

gets all the arroCws         G/B

Let'Ds leave the past behindF

with all our sorrCows         G/B

I'll Dbuild a bridge betweenF

us and I'll swallCow my G/BprideAm         G


( REPEAT * )

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