Oasis - The Masterplan CHORDS

Oasis - The Masterplan CHORDS

Original Key

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The Masterplan

Original Key

INTRO : Am|AmM7      |Am7 |Am6


( 2 Times )

TakeAm the time to make some sense

Of whatG you want to say

And castF your words

awayG upon the wavesAm         E

SailAm them home with acquiesce

On a shipG of hope today

And as Fthey land uponG the shore

TellD them not to fearF no more

SayG it loud and sing it proud todayE

* (And then) (We'll) danceC if you wanna dance

PleaseG/B brother take a chance

YouAm know they're gonna go

WhichG way they wanna goF

All weG knowC is that weG don't know

** HowC it's gonna be, pleaseG/B brother let it be

LifeAm on the other hand

Won'tG make us understandF      G

We're all part of the masAmterp(Clan G)



SayG it loud and sing it proud todayE

I'mAm not saying right is wrong

It's upG to us to make

The bestF of all the thingsG

that come our wayAm         E

'Cause everAmything that's been has passed

The answGer's in the looking glass

There's fourF and twenty milliGon doors

OnD life's endless corrFidor

SayG it loud and sing it proud todayE

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : CG|AmG ( 6 Times )


Am|AmM7      |Am7 |Am6


Chord Chart (The Masterplan)