Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Bm|G|A|Em ( 3 Times )




(When this beganBm) I had nothiGng to say

And I'd get lostA in the nothingness insideEm of me

(I was confuseBmd) And I let it all outG to find that

I'm notA the only person with these thingEms in mind

(Inside of mBme) But all the vacancy

the wordsG revealed is the only Areal thing

that I've got left Emto feel

(Nothing to loseBm) Just stuck holloGw and alone

And the faultA is my own

And the faultEm is my own

* I wanna healBm I wanna feelD

What I thougGht was never realEm

I wanna letBm go of the painD I've held so longG

(Erase all the painEm 'til it's gone)

** I wanna healBm I wana feelD

Like I'm closeG to something realEm

I wanna findBm something

I've wanteDd all alongA      (G)

someEmwhere I belong(Bm)

And I've got nothiGng to say I can't believAe

I didn't fall right downEm on my face

(I was confuseBmd) Looking everywhere onlyG to find

that it's NotA the way I had imagined it all Emin my mind

(So what am I) BmWhat do I have but negatGivity

'Cause I can't justAify the Way everyone is lookiEmng at me

(Nothing to loseBm) Nothing to gain hollowG and alone

And the faultA just my own and The faulEmt just my own

( REPEAT * , ** )

I Bmwill neveGr know myselfA until I

Do Emthis on my own

AndBm I will neveGr feel anytAhing else

until Emmy wounds are healed

I Bmwill nevGer be anytAhing 'til I

BreaEmk away from me

I Bmwill breakG away I'll findA myselfEm todayBm

( REPEAT * , ** )

I Bmwanna healD I wanna feelG like I'm

SomeEmwhere I belong

I Bmwanna healD I wanna feelA like

I'm SomeEmwhere I belong Somewhere I belongBm

(Somewhere I belongBm)