Linkin Park - One More Light CHORDS

Linkin Park - One More Light CHORDS

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One More Light

Original Key

INTRO : Em|C|G|GD/F#      ( 2 Times )

Should've stayeEmd, were there signCs, I ignoredG?         D/F#

Can I helpEm you, not to hurtC, anymoreG?         D/F#

We saw brilliaEmnce, when the worldC, was asleepG         D/F#

There are thingEms that we can haveC, but can't keepD

If they say

* Who cares if one more lightEm goes out?

In the sky Dof a million starsG

It flickers, flickers

Who caresD/F# when someone's timeEm runs out?

If a momeCnt is all we areG

Or quicker, quicker

Who caresD/F# if one more lightEm goes out?

Well I .Am.. do G

The remindEmers, pull the floorC from your feetG         D/F#

In the kitchEmen, one more chairC than you needG, oh      D/F#

And you're angryEm, and you shouldC be, it's not fairG         D/F#

Just 'cause you can't seeEm it, doesn't meanC it, isn't thereD

If they say

( REPEAT * )



( REPEAT * )

Well I ... do

Chord Chart (One More Light)