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Talking To Myself CHORDS
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INTRO : DmC|BbGm ( 3 Times ) Bb|C

TellDm me whatF I gotta do

ThereGm's no gettBbing through to youC

TheDm lights are on Fbut nobody's homeGm         Bb      C

YouDm say I cFan't understand

ButGm you're not givinBbg me a chanceC

WheDmn you leaveF me, where do you goGm?      Bb      C

* All Dmthe walls that youF keep building

All Gmthis time that I sBbpent chasing C

All Dmthe ways that I kFeep losing youGm

The Bbtruth Cis,

** youDm turn intoC someone elseBb         Gm

YouDm keep runninCg like the skyBb is falliGmng

I cDman whisCper, I can yell Bb       Gm

But I knowDm, yeah I knowC, yeah I knowBb

*** I'm just talking to myselfDm         F      C

TalkinBbg to myselfDm         F         C

TalkiBbng to myselfDm         F         C

ButBb I know, yeah I know, yeah I knowC

I'm just talking to myselfDm

I aDmdmit FI made mistakesGm

But yours might costBb you everything

CanDm't you hearF me calling you homeGm?      Bb      C

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )


( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

INSTRU : DmC|BbGm ( 2 Times ) Dm

Talking To Myself LYRICS
Tell me what I gotta do
There's no getting through to you
The lights are on but nobody's home               

You say I can't understand
But you're not giving me a chance
When you leave me, where do you go?            

* All the walls that you keep building
All this time that I spent chasing
All the ways that I keep losing you
The truth is,

** you turn into someone else         
You keep running like the sky is falling
I can whisper, I can yell        
But I know, yeah I know, yeah I know

*** I'm just talking to myself               
Talking to myself                  
Talking to myself                  
But I know, yeah I know, yeah I know
I'm just talking to myself

I admit I made mistakes
But yours might cost you everything
Can't you hear me calling you home?            
( REPEAT * , ** , *** )
( REPEAT * , ** , *** )