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Chinatown CHORDS
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INTRO : GD/F#      ( 3 Times ) A

Well the copsG are taking oveD/F#r

While everGyone's in yogD/F#a

'Cause happGiness is stillD/F# a warm gunA

WhatG's it to be freD/F#e man?

WhatG's a EuropeanD/F#?

Me GI just believeD/F# in the sunA

* TakeG me downD/F#

ThrouGgh the streets of ChinD/F#atown

ShowG me that you knowD/F# some placesA

GodG told me.D/F#      LiveG a life of luxuD/F#ry

AllG our lives we've bothD/F# been waitingA

INSTRU : GD/F#      ( 3 Times ) A

TeleGphonic doseD/F#s

EliminGate neurosisD/F#

And someG say it's the causeD/F# of it all A

ConcGentrate on winnD/F#ing

ForgetG about beginnD/F#ing

ForgetG about the middD/F#le and endA

( REPEAT * )


A|G|D/F# |A

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : GD/F#      ( 3 Times ) A

Chinatown LYRICS
Well the cops are taking over
While everyone's in yoga
'Cause happiness is still a warm gun
What's it to be free man?
What's a European?
Me I just believe in the sun

* Take me down
Through the streets of Chinatown
Show me that you know some places
God told me.      Live a life of luxury
All our lives we've both been waiting
Telephonic doses
Eliminate neurosis
And some say it's the cause of it all
Concentrate on winning
Forget about beginning
Forget about the middle and end
( REPEAT * )

( REPEAT * )