Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Cm|G#G ( 2 Times )

ThisCm ain't a song for the broken-heartedCm         G#      G

No sileCmnt prayer for the faith-departedCm         G#      G

I aCmin't gonna be just a face in the crowd

You're gonna hearF my voice. when I shout it out loud

* It's my lifeCm. It's nowG# or never

I aEbin't gonna liveBb/D forever

I jCmust want to liveG# while I'm aliveBb

(It'sB my life)Cm My heart is like an opeG#n highway

LikeEb Frankie said. I didBb/D it my way

I jCmust wanna liveG# while I'm aliveBb

(It's my life)

 INSTRU : Cm|G#G ( 2 Times )

This is Cmfor the ones who stood their ground  Cm         G#      G

For TomCmmy and Gina who never backed down  Cm         G#      G

TomorCmrow's getting harder make no mistake

LuckD ain't even lucky. Got to make your own breaks

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : G#|G#|Bb|Bb


BettCmer stand tall when they're calling you out

Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down

( REPEAT * , * , * )